Cary, NC

When you are ready to overcome a substance abuse disorder, it is important to seek care at Butler drug rehab center where our professional staff can take care of your needs, from mental health treatment to monitored detox.

Monitored Detox Is Key to Overcoming a Substance Use Disorder
In our Cary, North Carolina substance abuse treatment facility, your treatment plan begins with monitored detox. The monitoring of your detox ensures your health and safety as your body eliminates the drugs and/or alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms your body goes through in detox can be the most physically challenging part of the entire recovery process, which is why we offer 24-hour supervision throughout the detox phase.

How a Dual Diagnosis Works at Butler Drug Rehab Facility
When you first come to us for treatment in our Cary, NC addiction recovery program, we will assess your physical and mental health. Together, they represent two sides of the same coin, and clients cannot achieve long-term recovery unless both are addressed in their treatment plans. For instance, it would be problematic if we treated our clients with both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorders for just their substance abuse disorder. This is especially erroneous if their mental health disorder in some way worsened or intensified their addiction problems. Therefore, we at Butler Detox treat both mental and physical health at the same time in a process known as dual diagnosis treatment. By treating for both issues simultaneously, we are able to give you the best possible chance at recovery.

Butler Addiction Recovery Center's Facility and Care Services
During this sensitive time, we at Butler Detox will treat you with the privacy and respect you deserve. Our caring staff will listen to your needs and provide you with everything necessary for your recovery.
As part of our addiction recovery program, we also make sure that you have access to healthy and tasty foods to energize you throughout your recovery process. Our facility is also stocked with fun options to relax, get to know your peers, and relieve your stress. If you like hiking, reading, playing games or doing puzzles, we have many different options to entertain you with. We also have movies, arts and crafts and a wide range of other recreational activities to help move your recovery along.

Fostering a Sense of Community at Our Cary NC Addiction Treatment Center
While in the midst of a substance use disorder, you may lose out on important relationships. In our Cary, NC addiction treatment facility, we foster a sense of community and relationship-building. Our group counseling sessions allow you to trust others with your story and to find positive means of connecting with them, such as through sharing experiences, having similar interests, or helping one another through difficult times. These bonds then go on to serve as support networks, providing its members with encouragement and support to maintain their sobrieties post-recovery.

Communicating Openly and Honestly at Butler Drug Rehab Centers
Open and honest communication is an essential element of your recovery at our Cary, North Carolina substance abuse treatment facility. At Butler drug rehab facility, we help you to relearn the skills of expressing your thoughts and feelings, confronting negative situations, and dealing with triggers or temptations. This will allow you to move forward and deal with everyday stress without relapsing.

Why We Provide Individualized Treatment for Addiction Recovery
In our Cary NC addiction recovery center, we devise an individualized treatment plan for you that is based on your counselor’s observations, your personal preferences, and your overall health. Our addiction recovery facility assesses your needs and helps you through every step of your treatment plan, from detox to aftercare.

The Process of Rehab at Butler Addiction Treatment Center
The first part of your care at Butler addiction treatment facility in Cary, NC is detox. The next involves intensive counseling and therapy. When you are ready to leave our drug detox clinic, we will provide you with aftercare options like moving to a sober living home or starting an outpatient program with weekly counseling sessions with our providers.