Northbrook, IL

Addiction is frightening, and those dealing with addiction often feel there's no hope for a better future. However, addiction treatment has improved dramatically over the years, and those facing acute addiction should know that there are experts ready and able to help. Call Butler Detox’s Northbrook, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility today to get started on your road to recovery.

Intake and Detox
Addiction treatment at our Northbrook, IL location starts with the intake process. You'll speak with experts to discuss the nature of your addiction and to devise a treatment plan that meets your needs. Most treatment plans start with the detox process.
It's common to feel some discomfort during detox, but this will only last a week, although more severe cases may take longer to complete detox. The experts at our alcohol and drug detox clinic in Northbrook will also monitor you along the way to ensure you receive the attention you need throughout detox.

Starting Individual Therapy
Many aspects of addiction are common, but each addiction has its own individualized characteristics. At Butler addiction recovery facility in Northbrook IL, you'll use one-on-one therapy to help you better understand your addiction. Furthermore, you'll work on techniques to help you cope with urges to relapse, and gain perspective on how sobriety can improve your life. These individual sessions will continue even after you cease inpatient care, which will help you in remaining sober post-treatment.

Group Therapy Sessions
No matter how desperate you feel regarding your addiction, it's important to remember that you are not alone. At out Northbrook IL addiction recovery center, you'll join in group therapy sessions with others who have also struggled with addiction. These meetings provide a venue for opening up to others, feeling that your concerns have been heard, and receiving powerful advice to help you stay sober. You can also play an active role by lending your empathy and support to others at Butler addiction treatment facility, which will provide you with extra motivation to get sober and stay clean. You'll continue attending group meetings even after you've left treatment.

Dual-Diagnosis Approach
There are a number of powerful techniques for fighting dependency, and by creating a long-term plan, you can maintain an optimistic mindset in the years after rehabilitation. However, studies consistently show that having both an addiction and another condition, mental or physical, may exacerbate your illnesses. At our alcohol and drug rehab facility in Northbrook IL, we employ the dual diagnosis approach, which involves providing care for addiction alongside other problems clients may be dealing with. Although your primary focus in the early stages must be staying clean, treating for your other illness, if one is present, can increase your odds of long-term success.
Note that it's important for you to be as open as possible while at Butler addiction treatment center because anything you share during either individual or group counseling session can help experts work with you to create an effective treatment plan. It can also help them to possibly diagnose any underlying conditions which, unbeknownst to you, may have had an impact on your addiction.

A Reprieve
When facing addiction, activities of day-to-day life become far more challenging. People entering our Northbrook, Illinois addiction recovery program often have financial difficulties, severed ties with family and friends, and a lack of ambition. While receiving treatment at Butler Detox, you'll have a chance to temporarily put aside daily concerns and focus on yourself. You'll also work toward fixing other aspects of your life, giving you an opportunity to have a support system and foundation for the future. The addiction recovery process is a long one, and being able to take control of your life will help ensure a brighter future.
Our alcohol and drug rehab center in Northbrook, IL will give you a fresh start to life as well as a chance to finally get your addiction under control. Though the process may seem daunting at first, know that there are experts ready to guide you in your journey to sobriety.