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Did you know that about half of those individuals who struggle with addiction are also struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder?

N ot only can a co-occurring mental health disorder make it more difficult to successfully reach one’s goals for recovery, but the situation is further complicated by the simple fact that many of those clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder are not even aware of the condition they are struggling against.
By providing our clients with a screening for co-occurring disorders, we can ensure that they are given the support they need to maintain their recovery after leaving our drug rehab clinic, free from the consequences of addiction and with the co-occurring disorder having been treated adequately.

Why Choose
Butler Detox

We offer a variety of more traditional therapeutic options to clients who stay at our drug rehab center. These include individual therapy sessions. During individual sessions, you’ll have the chance to share anything you’d like with one of our qualified counselors. You will be able to share anything you’d like during individual sessions, as you can be assured that anything you choose to divulge during this time will be kept in the strictest confidence. This will allow you to feel confident enough to be entirely honest during these sessions.

After you have graduated from our addiction recovery program, we provide you with a fully customized plan for aftercare treatment. The nature of your aftercare treatment plan will vary depending on your personal, individual situation, and the responsibilities you may have after graduated from our substance abuse recovery program. Just like all aspects of your treatment here at our addiction recovery treatment facility, your aftercare program will be customized to suit your individual needs for treatment. We want to give every one of our clients the best possible chance at attaining their goals for recovery.