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It doesn’t matter how you first became entangled in the web of substance abuse. What matters is that we can provide you with the invaluable support you need to achieve your goals for addiction recovery treatment when you enroll in the program at our substance abuse recovery program.


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We know that some clients need specific support in order to achieve their goals, and our dedicated staff will stop at nothing to provide the help that every single one of our clients deserves.

When a client first enrolls in our addiction recovery program, they may be nervous about what’s to come. It can be daunting to be faced with the prospect of spending time in a drug rehab clinic. However, you should know that we do everything in our power to foster a warm and supportive environment, so all of our clients are able to work toward their goals for recovery in a safe and welcoming environment. We have extensive experience ensuring clients get the support they deserve, and we want you to enjoy the benefit of that experience.

Our Mission

When you are a client at our drug rehab clinic, you’ll be assured that you are getting the support you need for successful recovery.

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In order to ensure we can provide all of our clients with a plan for recovery treatment that suits their needs, we maintain a full complement of possible addiction recovery options.

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These may include different types of therapeutic strategies, depending on your individual needs. Every aspect of your personalized addiction recovery plan will be created based on the information we learn from you during your in-depth intake interview. It is essential that you are careful to be entirely honest as we ask you questions during the intake interview. This is because the details we learn there will be used to create your customized care plan.

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This is because we know that addiction recovery is ongoing journey, and we want to provide clients with the support they need every after they have left our substance abuse treatment facility. Just like every other aspect of addiction recovery treatment here at our facility, your aftercare plan will be customized to suit your individual needs, providing you with a higher chance at success.